Black Rainbow

Issue 01

A zine about art & youth, from their respective cities: London to Tokyo, through Berlin to Hamburg, a collective of artists shared their point of view. Featuring interview and photos by Stevie Ango, essays by Jonas Le Thierry, photo essays by Keana Korn, and more...

Inspirations come from various places in many shapes; it influences every artist in different ways. As part of communication research and editorial experiment, we interview friends and artists from around the world to express their views about their inspirations, in all distinct forms of mediums.

With close collaboration with the artists, the emphasis in crafting the story, the editorial, writing and photography, the initiative itself impacted us all with beautiful pieces of inspirations, elegantly printed on a limited zine.

Limited print. Fifty-two pages. Read the digital version on Issuu.


Design Factory International


March 2017 ~ September 2017


Art Direction, Editorial, Photography


Stevie Ango — Interview & Photography Jonas Le Thierry — Writing Keana Korn — Photography & Writing Riomar McCartney — Photography & Writing Cyrus Korn — Photography


196 × 268 mm


Mixed matte and glossy 120g/m² paper