Time flies

An attempt at feeling time

Something that can not be seen, touched, smelled, or tasted — a measurement of change that is not only mathematical but also relative in our personal experience of it. We feel time through emotions influenced by our senses: Time flies is an experiment about our perception of time and the relationship between space and time.

The room is surrounded by plain white walls and semi-transparent Plexiglas windows to initiate a Ganzfeld effect. When started, the room intensifies with the introduction of haze and white noises. By synchronizing sounds, lights, vibrations, and movements together, it generates a pulse-like rhythm inside the space. With three bases inside the room, dynamic patterns are introduced, creating a space that feels like time is warping.

For the room and the bases, lights and motors were placed, controlled, and randomized through an Arduino Uno. A 74HC595 Shift Register Breakout was added to the circuit to extend the number of analog ports. The generative sound was programmed in SuperCollider and allowed individual control over each of the speakers.


Design Factory International


March 2019 ~ September 2019


Exhibition, Art Direction, Engineering


4560 × 2460 × 3150 mm (variable)


Quartz crystals, Plexiglass, Wood, Transparent PVC strips, White polyester fabric


Vibration speakers, LED lights, Gear motors, Speakers, Smoke machines


Arduino, SuperCollider, Processing, p5.js