Sunday in Tokyo

An impressionistic photo essay

In a feature collaboration with VSCO, Riomar was commissioned to work on an ongoing series highlighting creators from around the world in their perspective cities. The piece journals a tranquil day in Tokyo, with pictures, short footages, and notes from the local areas of Setagaya to the city of Shibuya. Checkout out the original piece on VSCO.

These photographs and footages were all taken on the same day, keeping the consistency of color, light and temperature hue. Departing from Gotokuji, he cycled around the neighboorhood in Setagaya-ku, then headed towards Nakameguro and finished the session in Shibuya. All photographs and footages were shot on a Fujifilm X Pro 2. Below are more photographs and extras from the day:

Note: This is a showcase of a past project done by Riomar McCartney with VSCO.


VSCO / Visual Supply Company


October 2019 ~ January 2020


Photography, Videography, Writing


Scott Staton — VSCO Augustine Ortiz — VSCO